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Thermal Camera | Club By Pass

War Technology In The Service Of Medicine

Thermal cameras that are used in the Gulf War for the air combats by the USA and in the fight against terrorism by our military are now used for the human health.


The thermal cameras that are used for the night vision and target identification in cobra helicopters, F16 fighter aircraft and tanks have been adapted by Opgal (Israel) company (IVA- 200) and introduced to be used in the control of bypasses performed in the coronary artery bypass operations.

All items found in nature give heat to the environment. The thermal images obtained by thermal camera due to different heats of the heart muscle and the blood through the coronary artery, and they are interpreted with a clarity of coronary angiography and enable a control of the bypass performed on the operation table.

This method is based on to detect temperature differences between the two bodies and significantly increases the successes in the coronary artery bypass operations. The bypasses detected not to work well during the operation or those with insufficient flow are renewed and post-operative problems may occur can be prevented early by this way.

LIMA / LAD Bypass - Safen / Obtus Marginal Bypass

LIMAve SafenVen flow measurement

Thermal camera has been successfully used by our team in more than 1.500 patients undergone coronary artery bypass surgery since January 2000.

This superior technology which can perform angiography during the coronary artery bypass operations is only available in the Memorial Hospital.

We believe that using of the thermal camera significantly contributes to the success of the coronary artery bypass operations performed by our team.

I wish to thank to :

Opgal Company (Israel), Segal Company (Ankara) and GM Dr Cengiz Örnek for their helps on this technology to be used by us.

Prof Dr Bingür Sönmez