A Long Live With Heart Yoga

It is possible to lead a healthy life for the persons undergone bypass surgery with Heart Yoga held in the Memorial Hospital.

Yoga is applied since 5.000 years, and it began to take the place it has deserved beside the conventional medicine in Complementary Medicine term worldwide. Our willing to help our patients for dealing with difficulties in returning to their normal life and with the signs of the depression affecting their life and efficiency, to discipline their life and to soften their ways of behavior, met us with yoga. We observe that the blood fat and blood sugars of the patients those join to heart yoga program are taken under control more easily, and they need fewer drugs for blood pressure and rhythm regulation. We achieved excellent results in respect of the most important values for our patients such as re-embracing the life, adaptation to social life and avoiding unnecessary stress.


Heart yoga that began after 1 month of the surgery is applied one hour at two days a week. Basic principles of yoga are taught in the program that continues for 3 months and then the patient can continue to work in another yoga club. The aim of the program is to decrease the blood pressures and pulse rates of the patients undergone coronary artery bypass operation. 

The program has been prepared as 40 min yoga postures and 20 min deep relaxations. Furthermore, seminars will be held on the life philosophy of yoga and healthy nutrition.


Heart purification program is applied twice a year, in a non-hospital environment as a long weekend program. The participants starts to day by yoga with the sunrise; their daily diets are set according to ayurvedic guidelines and stress management and deep relaxation techniques are applied to complete the purification program.

Memorial Hospital Heart Yoga Program is performed by Yoga Expert Dr Neslihan Iskit with the management of Prof Dr Bingür Sönmez, the chairman of Memorial Hospital, Cardiovascular Surgery Department, in the Memorial Hospital Conference Hall at every Tuesday and Friday. Attendance to the course that will continue for the heart patients to lead a healthy life is free.

Every Tuesday and Friday

19:00 - 20:00
Memorial Hospital Conference Hall
For information and registration: 444 7 888