Thanks and recommendation

Hello, I met Dear Prof Dr Bingür SÖNMEZ owing to the coronary artery bypass surgery of my father, he performed. I want to share my patient’s history as a case report. Six months ago, my father (63) had a heart attack in Mersin. I could not prevent this despite the controls I made for him one a year or 2 years. Furthermore, I was a doctor. The day after attack a medicated stent was inserted to his coronary artery with single narrowing of by 95%. Since everything was ok after the first month I took him beside me to Kocaeli. After a mild numbness in his arm, effort test was positive on the 3rd month follow-up on my demand in the hospital which I work. Emergency angio was performed in the University Hospital, and the stent was defined to be blocked. A second medicated stent was inserted, and we were informed that the artery tended to produce plaque. Knowing that new narrowings or attacks may be expected, a troubled period started for me. Until his next follow up of three months later, I spent almost all of my free time to download and print out some heart protection suggestion from the internet and to search for a surgeon for the operation. At the end of the period, effort test was suspected, and I was recommended to repeat it after a month again. Meanwhile, I concentrated on 3 cardiovascular surgeons at the end of my searching. I was considering many factors for the surgeon such as the success of operations he performed, fewness of the complications (problem) encountered, the training he received, hospital conditions will not disturb my lovely father’s sensitive psychology and a surgeon with the empathetic approach to help my father for dealing his fear of surgery. I was searching for one with similar thoughts that empathy is the first condition of humanity even before the medicine. The sensitivity presented by Dear Bingür Sönmez for Sarikamis martries had affected me long ago. I was often encountering his rhetoric against the smoking on media, and I was proud of this as a doctor. Two weeks after our suspected effort test, my level of concern was increasing despite he had not any complaint except the mild arm numbness. When I was looking for his fan club established by a patient he operated, I sent a mail to the professor with hoping that he will read it, including a brief history of my father. While I could check even my own mails once a week, I cannot tell how much did it give me hope that he replay me on the same day, wanted to see my father as soon as possible, and I could directly speak with him on the phone. I found the right doctor! Then we experienced a rapid period: examination, angio and next he performed a successful bypass to two coronary arteries with narrowings of 95% and 50%. We could watch our patient in the intensive care unit via a television connection in professor’s office. My father was taken to the service and discharged after a week. I thanks thousand times to god for healed my father and for the hand he created for this. This message has been sent to (I recommend) site by Dr Leyle Yücesoy. 

20-May-2008 | Dr. Leyle Yücesoy