Hello to life for the 3rd time

I wish to Cahit grandfather health and life Bingur I am the son of Cahit Güney who was operated first by you, but then he underwent the second operation at 13.March.2001. My father had undergone his… View All

29 - Jan - 2004 | Ali İhsan Güney


When I came to your office 2 months ago with my husband, you and your team had said that "he cannot be operated and this heart cannot bear the surgery, come after 3 months with lost weight, and if… View All

16 - May - 2003 | Cisel Özdemir

Hello professor

Hello Dear Professor. I am Muzaffer YILMAZ from Aydın. How are you ? I hope you are fine. I wrote you to offer my thanks and congratulations. I was in Istanbul last week to be examined required for… View All

24 - Apr - 2003 | Muzaffer Yılmaz


I am grateful to you for interesting with my problem, responding and relieving me despite your such busy works. I wish you continued success. Thanks. Osman SONEL 

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22 - Apr - 2003 | Ege Bilim Diyaliz Merkezi A.Ş

Hello professor…

Hello professor… My name is Musa Alioğlu. First, your web site is so helpful for me. Because I will be operated on Tuesday (April, 22). I have never met you. However, I always used to hear your… View All

18 - Apr - 2003 | Musa Alioğlu

Dear Mr Bingür

Dear Mr Bingür, I want to offer you my deepest thanks to you and your team for healing my father with the bypass surgery you performed and for your close interest in us. We returned to America. It… View All

14 - Apr - 2003 | Huseyin Hiziroglu

I don’t know how to thank you.

I don’t know how to thank you. I returned to Switzerland without visiting you. So I want to thank you from here. My nephew Murat Ataş recovered again thanks to you. Endless thanks and respects to… View All

04 - Apr - 2003 | Nurdane Acikgöz


Dear Prof. Dr. Bingür SÖNMEZ First I want to thank you and your valuable team (Dearm Team) so much for granting our father to us again. The difference between mood of our family now and one week… View All

04 - Apr - 2003 | MESUT ÜSTÜNDAĞ


Working of a professor like you in our country is a blessing for us. I love and appreciate you so much sir. I wish for you a long life from god. 

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02 - Apr - 2003 | Umran Türk


Me and my family offer you and your valuable team friends our thanks on the first anniversary of my rebirth owing to the permission of god and your talented hands and superior skills. I wish you to… View All

16 - May - 2002 | Saldiray Yilmaz