Dear Mr Bingür SÖNMEZ; You performed the heart surgery of our mum that is in the middle of her life with an operation lasted about 8 hours 6 days ago at 02/04/2009. In fact, it was not a heart surgery,… View All

08 - Apr - 2009 | Ayşenur Aydın Gümrükçü

Boğkar Mountain

Dear Professor, I’m your patient Orhan Sefa Serçe who you had operated at 02.April.2008. If you remember, I had made a chat with you on the mountains there. I kept the promise I had gaven you. I… View All

14 - Nov - 2008 | Osman Sefa Serçe

Thanks and recommendation

Hello, I met Dear Prof Dr Bingür SÖNMEZ owing to the coronary artery bypass surgery of my father, he performed. I want to share my patient’s history as a case report. Six months ago, my father… View All

20 - May - 2008 | Dr. Leyle Yücesoy

I want to be a doctor

Hello, I am from science high school, and I will apply to college exams next year. I like you very much, you are my idol ☺ Do you recommend medicine for me? I am an all-rounder like you and my life… View All

19 - May - 2008 | Elif Sena Ateş

The second anniversary

Honorable professor, tomorrow I am celebrating the second anniversary of my second surgery. Today, while I can write this message with health, once again I want to offer you my love and thanks. Kiss… View All

24 - Jan - 2008 | Ülkü Sandal

God bless your hands

We reached to these days in which we celebrate the 47th anniversary of my marriage thanks first to god, then to you. We entered your web site in this happy day to share with you. We wish from god a… View All

22 - Aug - 2007 | Ülkü Sandal

Happy birthday

I wish you success in your art with your hands given by god. I wish those good deeds you have done provide you the eternity beside the god. Happy birthday. A familiar of a soul which was healed by… View All

03 - May - 2007 | Ömer Yalçın


You saved the life of a very important person for me, my nephew. We as mert family, if all of us gathered together, yet we cannot repay this appreciation to you. Thank you Mert Family 

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18 - Feb - 2007 | Nihat Mert


I’m Nebahat Ertem; one of the female patients operated by you. I had undergone a bypass surgery with you in Florence Nightingale Hospital at 25. March.2000. At that time I was 59, and now I am 66… View All

06 - Dec - 2006 | Nebahat Ertem


You had performed my bypass surgery in Memorial Hospital at 31.10.2001. I did not encounter with any problem for 5 years. I want to thank you so much. I wish you continued success working. Respectfully, 

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07 - Nov - 2006 | Hüseyin Yozgat