He was born in 1952 in Sarikamis. After completing primary and secondary education, he graduated from Pendik College in 1969 and entered to Istanbul Medical Faculty. After graduating as a medical doctor in 1976, he studied foreign language for 1 year in England as a fellow. As a part of his specialization training in Istanbul Medical Faculty between 1977 - 1884, he studied as heart surgery assistant in London St. Thomas Hospital and as a research assistant in Rayne Institute in 1984 in London. Between 1987 - 1990, he studied again in the same hospital and received training in coronary surgery.

He became associate professor in 1988 and professor in 1997.

He returned finally at the end of 1990 and took office in Istanbul University, Institute of Cardiology. He worked in Florence Nightingale Hospital at the same time until 1995. Thereafter, he worked as head of the department of Coronary Surgery in Florence Nightingale Hospital and head of the Surgical Departments in Kadir Has University, Medical faculty at the same time.

He works as head of the Coronary Surgery Department in the Memorial Hospital since 2001.

He is married and has two children and one granddaughter.

He has more than hundred domestic and foreign publications and 8 chapters written in 8 books. He is the author of "Preparing the Radial Artery Graft", "Heart Yoga" and "The world turning to fire: Sarikamis" books. He is in the editor boards of many medical journals. He contributes to all studies related to Sarikamis such as movie, documentary and books (Ülkem Ateş Çemberi İçinde İken Sarıkamış, Nargin, Kafkas Cephesi, Aşıkların dilinden Sarıkamış, Sarıkamış’tan Çanakkale’ye)  and performs the scientific advisory for these.

He has performed over 13.000 open heart surgeries.

  • He interests in computers and organic farming at his garden; skies well and SCUBA diving are his favorite.
  • He is an amateur illusionist.
  • He plays shepherd flut.
  • He performs surgeries in his free times..
  • He does not like to lose any patient.
  • Since he does not like the operations that end with death, he says "No to Wars".
  • He is the member of 24 national and international associations.