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To Not Develope Heart Disease:

  • Remember that diet and healthy nutrition should be introduced in childhood.
  • Be very careful about heigh – weight ratio.
  • Females, definitely delay your menopause.
  • Increase your physical activity and stay away from the inactivity and excessive stress.
  • Never strain your skills and possibilities about your work and job.
  • Follow-up your blood fats if you have a family story and diabetes or high blood pressure from 30 years old, otherwise from 40 years old.
  • Have effort test each year, if you have a family story and diabetes or high blood pressure from 30 years old, otherwise from 40 years old.
  • Be in peace with your own, your family, partner and friends and slow down if you have A type personality.
  • Discuss your disease and the problems related your family or friends with a liaison psychiatry specialist.

For The Heart Patients:

  • DON'T SMOKE, even don't stay in smoking environment.
  • Have regular control from a cardiologist.
  • Your treatment maybe medicine, balloon or surgery. Discuss negative and positive aspects and long term results of all options with your physician.
  • Avoid exaggerated physical activities, begin to a cardiac rehabilitation program.
  • Prefer your partner, not your darling and prefer your home, not an otel room for sex.
  • Don't neglet the medicines you have to use continuously, provide spare of particularly high tension drugs.
  • Check you blood fats once in each 3 months and keep them under the normal limits written in the analysis report.
  • Use drugs continuously in case of your diet is not sufficient to control your blood fats.
  • Revize your family and social life and decrease the negativeness in your life to minimum.
  • Don't blame your family or environment for your disease, get help from a liaison psychiatry specialist for your problems.

For The Families Have a Heart Patient:

  • Never blame him/her for being ill.
  • Support him/her in every stage of the examination and treatment.
  • If you find yourself also guilty for the disease, don't try to compensate this situation exaggeratedly.
  • Always keep in your mind his/her disease but try to make them forget about it.
  • Be savvy about their inability or unwillingness about the sex.
  • Remember that their diets should have a family program.
  • Remember that your closely control on drugs and follow-up dates of your partner will give him/her the feeling for embracing the life and confidence.
  • Believe that this disease can be beat more easily with a team work of partner, children, siblings and close friends.
  • To help your partner, DON'T SMOKE.
  • If you connot make a good communication with your patient, get help from a liaison psychiatry specialist.